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  20151030() ポリカルチャーディナー

l  ゲスト: 沼田実 氏 

l  日時:   1030日(土)1930 - 2230


l  レクチャー・タイトル: 

Why not Japanese Wine ?  - 発信しよう!日本ワインの素晴らしさを




Polyculture Dinner on 30th October 2015

l  Guest speaker:  Mr. Minoru Numata

l  Date & Time: 30th October 2015;  19:30 – 22:30


l  Lecture title Why not Japanese Wine ?

Let’s disseminate & share your experiences of how good Japanese wines have become lately!

We are very proud to welcome Mr. Minoru Numata as our honourable guest for October Polyculture dinner.  Numata san is highly respected wine “Samurai” maestro who has the capacity to hold a holistic view on this ever changing wine world and has gained a high reputation for his analytical and insightful lectures on wine and wine world.


Mr. Numata, being such an experienced wine lecturer/consultant, has tremendous arrays of themes that he can cover on wines, he will this time focus on “Japanese Wines” which have evolved and been renovated so much for those 10 years, and are currently drawing an international attention.  He will take us to the discovery of new Japanese wine world through tasting of several excellent wines.

開始時間 19時30分
定員数 23人 (予約数 23人)
予約締切時間 2015-10-30 18:30




l  会場: レストラン「レ・シュー」
港区麻布十番2-8-12 リレント麻布十番10103-3452-5511

東京メトロ南北線 麻布十番駅4番出口から 徒歩3


l  募集人数: 先着20名【限定】

l  会費: 7000円(コース料理、ワイン、税全て込)

l  イベント幹事: 天野芳彦 amanissimo@gmail.com

Club Polyculture Tokyo(東京多色文化の会)



●予約: 以下のポリカルホームページからの予約のみ有効ですので、ご注意ください。10月23日(金)以降のキャンセル、通知なしの欠席はいかなる事情でも全額7000円のペナルティとなりますので、ご注意ください。予約時のパスワードは samurai です。
http://polyculture.net/ (password: samurai)



Numata san, as a wine generalist, covers not only viti-viniculture and tasting, but also has been working as an experienced lecturer with WSET diploma and as a consultant on wine businesses and thus making remarkable contributions to enhancement of understanding of wines and wine industry in general.

Furthermore, with such profound knowledge and insight, he still has been in never ending search for his own “Wine DOU” (Wine Way) by lately obtaining “Japan Wine Master” certificate and continuing to study viti-viniculture at Shiojiri Wine University.

This Polyculture will be a precious opportunity to listen to and talk with such a Samurai wine maestro not only for wine lovers in general but for those who want to understand what really goes on in wine & food industry in Japan.  We will taste five wines (1 sparkling, 2 whites & 2 reds) finely selected by maestro Numata.  So please come & join us there!

l  Venue Restaurant “Les Choux”
2-8-12 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo  03-3452-5511

3 minutes from exit #4, “Azabu Juban” (Tokyo Metro)


l  Number of Participants: limited to only 20 people (first-come, first-served)

l  Participation Fee: 7000 Yenall inclusive - course dinner, wine, tax

   Club Polyculture Tokyo  http://polyculture.net

  • Reservation: only via our website below

http://polyculture.net/ (password: samurai)

  • Important notice:

1. Cancellation & no show after October 23rd will be charged with 7,000 Yen penalty.

2. When your booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation via automatic mailing, but in case you have not received it, please search the confirmation in your junk email box. In case you cannot find it in your junk box, please never fail to contact the event organiser to let us know your situation.

3. Please be kindly notified that the Polyculture dinner is currently being held bi-monthly (not monthly).